Even the best of us photographers can’t be in two places at once. This is why adding a second photographer for your wedding day is so important.

Two photographers can:

  • During ceremony moments, each photographer can focus on each of you, that way there won't be any missed moments of laughter, joy, or tears. Each of us is focused on one of you.
  • If you are getting ready at separate locations, having that second photographer makes it possible to capture pre-ceremony events without having to split time, or pick who gets photographed.
  • Two photographers will help ease the stress of the day by keeping both of you on time. 
  • 2 Photographers means that we can fulfill more of your requested photographs of you two, your wedding party, and any other VIP guests you have, such as parents, grandparents, children, or other special guests.

Let us help you make your day a day to remember by capturing what is most important to you both. All of these images were possible because there were 2 photographers covering their special day. Your wedding only happens once! You both deserve to have a dedicated photographer for your big day.